Friday, September 26, 2014

Log cabins

I got a Jelly Roll in the mail one day after an  order went missing in the mail....I don't really buy jelly rolls but I thought it was probably the best time to try a basic Log cabin block.

Now again, I know some of you are saying 'um Erin we have seen these before,, didn't we?'  and 'Gosh do you not have anything new to show us?'  Well I'm sorry I don't but there were a good few quilts tops that needed to be finished as they are taking up too much precious room.  (Cora is really making her mark in the house)  I even had the binding done, why did it take me so long, I do not know.

So last week,  I pulled the backing out (after a trip to Ikea that day) and before I know it I had it on the machine and began to quilt it.  So each night when Cora went down to sleep I turned on the machine and got a bit more done, and with a little bit of handsewing the following nights, bit by bit I had it finished.

No real love for this quilt, and  think next time I will use log cabins I will try the wobbly look.
Its such a good feeling to get something crossed off the list.

But no rest, I have another ready to be tackled next week.


  1. Sometimes you just have to press on and finish up a project, even if you aren't in love with it. Now it's done and it is quite cute! Maybe it will be good for donation?

  2. looks good to me Erin, and my log cabins always have a wobbly look

  3. I think it's cute! I also had a parcel go missing idea where on earth it went!

  4. Looks good to me Erin and always good to keep practicing that machine quilting - doesn't take long for me to get rusty!


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