Thursday, September 3, 2015

September already......

This is a quilt that has taken  half of last year to make and all this year to finish.

I know there are some out there that can blog and sew and blog and sew and blog and sew and keep the family home clean and tidy ( well I presume they do) and have all the children washed fed and in bed at a reasonable time but I can't and I don't try to. (blog and sew that is)

This quilt WAS destined to be in an exhibition mid year but I knew in January that I wasn't going to put myself under any pressure to get it done.

So a few weeks ago I finally said to myself that I was ready to get the sewing machine out and see what I could do.
I realised quite soon after starting how much I had missed my time at the table and before I knew it, my little quilt was done.

I used only one charm pack of Happy go Lucky..with white kona and a few ash and medium grey charms thrown in and finished off with simple straight quilting...I'm more confident to do this than FMQ. Navy Kona for the binding and excited that it I can say that I have finished something  and finally blogged for the year.


  1. It is beautiful Erin, and well worth the wait :)

  2. Well, I never managed half of that while the children were small.. fed watered and halfway clean, and I thought I was winning!
    So you are doing just fine!

  3. It's lovely! No one has a perfect house - I keep telling myself that - mine is a mess at the moment without kids so feel better! I much prefer the sewing table but I might just have to wash the floors first this evening... congrats on a gorgeous finish!

  4. This is lovely! And I hear you on the sloooooooow blogging. I can't honestly say if I'd blog again, and I only have one little baby.


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